Custom Projects

ACE CASUAL FURNITURE™ and the Reservation Seating® brand are ready to help you with your larger custom projects!

We have strong sourcing capabilities and a dedicated internal design group. Our manufacturing facilities and offices span the globe:

  • Our flagship distribution/manufacturing facility in Tennessee with corporate/satellite offices in Minneapolis and New Orleans.
  • Over 15 manufacturing partners with our head China office in Nanjing.
  • U.K. distribution/manufacturing facility and corporate office.

ACE forges strong partnerships with its customers to deliver value-based products by implementing cost reduction strategies through innovations in assembly, manufacturing and logistics.

ACE has a vast understanding of what goes into product development. In addition to its own brands, ACE collaborates in creating private brands and world-class custom casual furniture innovations which consumers really love.

Get complete custom help for your larger projects by contacting one of our Project Liaison Specialists today!

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